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Looking for the best Jerome Ghost tours? You are in the right place!

This central Arizona town has a long and rich past, from being a former mining town to attracting thousands of visitors every year today.

Jerome is one of the most haunted places in Arizona, and is among the ghost towns, and also exudes the charm of the Old Wild West.

Explore the haunted history behind the most wicked town in the US by going on a ghost tour in Jerome, AZ.

Located at over 5000 feet, Jerome is one of the popular getaways for families looking for fun outdoors on the weekends.

Jerome has become the ultimate destination for paranormal enthusiasts thanks to this rich past.

I have visited Jerome on a scenic drive from Sedona, and on multiple day trips from Tucson and Phoenix, but recently I spent a weekend in Jerome as this mystic town beckons me with something new every time.

I highly recommend spending at least 2 days in Jerome if not more, especially as it is one of the best family-friendly destinations in Arizona.

Check this guide to 28 Fantastic Things To Do In Jerome for Planning your trip!


Located high on Mingus Mountain, Jerome was once a bustling Wild West mining town in the Verde Valley highlands.

The town’s history goes back to the late 1800s when the first miners dug for the rich ore deposits.

But before Jerome was born, it was the site of a small mine where the local Yavapai tribe mined copper for their jewellery.

what is there to do in Jerome Arizona

These first miners, the local Yavapai tribe, were prehistoric Native Americans. The Spanish followed in search of gold.

In 1876, three prospectors staked claims to rich copper deposits.

Located atop Cleopatra Hill between Sedona and Prescott, this historic copper and gold mining town was founded in 1876 on top of the largest copper mine in the United States.

The town was named after Eugene Jerome, a New York lawyer who financed the United Verde Copper Company.

However, Eugene Jerome never even set foot in Jerome.

When gold was discovered in the area people from all over the world began flocking here.

From the 1880s to the early 1950s, Jerome prospered.

The United Verde Company, run by William Clark, launched mining operations in 1883. Its open pit mine was nicknamed the “Big Hole.”

The town grew from 250 residents in 1890 to over 15,000 in the 1920s.

It attracted miners, bootleggers, saloon keepers, gamblers, and prostitutes.

It is believed that at one time there were 14 Chinese restaurants in town.

Jerome produced billions of dollars in copper, gold, zinc and silver. In its zenith, Jerome was the fourth-largest town in Arizona.

The growth also brought the infamous gamblers and bad boys to Jerome, with hundreds dying in gunfights, stabbed, strangled, beaten to death, overdosed on opium, or committing suicide.

The town was also filled with so much corruption and death it became known as the “wickedest city in the West.”, first reported so by a New York newspaper, with the name still being its tagline.

In 1953 when gold and copper deposits vanished and the last mine shut down, only about 50 people stayed behind.

Jerome’s fortunes were reversed and on the verge of becoming a ghost town.

Jerome az haunted tours

Luckily, during the 60s and 70s, some artists discovered Jerome and began moving in.

Artists renovated homes and re-opened abandoned shops, and created the Jerome Historical Society to protect the town’s buildings.

In 1967, Jerome became a designated U.S. National Historic District.

Jerome is today one of the classic Western frontier towns in Arizona.

Jerome is also believed to be the largest ghost town in the country.

Today the town’s population is about 500 residents, where an eclectic mix of artists, craftspersons, inn-keepers, restaurant owners, writers and musicians have made Jerome their home.

Victorian properties from the late 1890s still stand today and are occupied by their owners.

You can see many art galleries, artisan shops, boutiques, and restaurants.


Jerome is between Prescott and Sedona and within very close driving distance of Clarkdale and Cottonwood, Arizona.

From Sedona – Jerome is less than 28 miles southwest of Sedona AZ. Take State Route 89A to Cottonwood, then through Clarkdale into Jerome.

It is one of the most beautiful drives from Sedona and I highly recommend it.

From Phoenix and Scottsdale – It takes about 2 to 2.5 hours to drive from both Phoenix and Scottsdale. 

Take Interstate 17 Freeway north and exit State Route 260 at Camp Verde. Go left (northwest) on 260 into Cottonwood and then left on 89A through Clarkdale into Jerome AZ.

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Jerome is one of the popular day trip destinations for people visiting Flagstaff and Phoenix since it can be visited throughout the year.

Spring and Fall are the most crowded months since they are the best months to visit Jerome AZ as the weather is pleasant and perfect for being outdoors.


Here is a snapshot of the best ghost tours in Jerome if you want to jump straight in.


Want a detailed review of each? Read on.



  • Includes – 1.5-hours Mobile ticket 
  • EMF Readers & Spirit Boxes
  • Offered in – English 
  • Maximum no of people – 8

If you want a smaller group tour, I highly recommend the Jerome Ghost Adventure tour. 

This small-group tour is limited to eight participants and includes all equipment and multiple departure times during the day and night. 

On this tour led by a local guide, you will hear stories of the abandoned mining town’s haunted past.

Use speciality ghost-hunting equipment to tell when spirits are near.

things to do in Jerome az

On this tour, you will explore the very haunted Jerome High School, Jerome Cemetery and other sites where you will also get glimpses of the history of Jerome, besides getting to meet the paranormal residents.

Check more details here to book – Jerome Ghost Adventure: Shuttle Tour using Ghost Hunting Equipment


  • Includes – 1.5-hours Mobile ticket 
  • EMF Readers
  • Transport by air-conditioned passenger van
  • Offered in – English 
  • Minimum no of people – 2

If you are looking for a ghost tour in Jerome that has a flexible schedule and involves a shuttle ride, I highly recommend Haunted History Shuttle.

One of the most popular Jerome ghost tours, this 1.5-hour tour is packed with loads of fun and chilling adventure.

This tour is excellent for families with young children, seniors, or anyone looking to learn the darker side of Jerome’s history.

 Jerome az ghost tours

On this fascinating haunted history on foot and by shuttle, you will explore the old copper camp as you hear eerie tales from your informative guide. 

You’ll even have the chance to use an electromagnetic field machine to attempt to track spirits and ghouls in Jerome’s National Historic Town as you stroll through the back streets. 

You will also visit a proper territorial graveyard and take pictures. Check more details.


  • Includes – 1-hour Mobile ticket 
  • EMF Readers
  • Offered in – English 
  • Maximum no of people – 14

If you want a short tour in the heart of the town for a quick but thrilling adventure, one of the best Jerome ghost tours I recommend is the Main Street Ghost Adventure Walking Tour

This small group tour is fantastic, and in an hour, you will hear eerie tales of the past as you explore Sliding Jail, Jerome Artists Cooperative and Spook Hall or Lawrence Memorial Hall.

Jerome Arizona ghost tours

Home to the most notorious criminals in Arizona history, you can use advanced ghost-hunting equipment while exploring the Sliding Jail for a chilling paranormal experience to learn about the dark history.

Check more details to book here – Main Street Ghost Adventure: Walking Tour in Jerome with Ghost Hunting Equipment


  • Includes – 1-hour Mobile ticket 
  • EMF Readers & Spirit Boxes
  • Offered in – English 
  • Maximum no of people – 12

The Jerome Ghost Walk with Jerome Ghost Tours is one of the most famous ghost tours in Jerome, and it’s not surprising!

This guided ghost walk in Jerome, Arizona, is one of the fun tours to join in Jerome if you are into chasing the spirits.

You’ll be using EMF readers and Spirit Boxes in your hunt for ghosts, with each group having one spirit box and EMF readers for every guest, so everyone will have a chance to speak to the ghosts that haunt Jerome.

Some haunted places visited on this Jerome Ghost Walk include the Haskin’s House, where spirits are known to frequent.

best jerome ghost tours

Experienced guides will share eerie stories from the Jerome Historical Society archives, so they are not mere stories but actual historical incidents, sure to send a chill down your spine.

You’ll also look for ghosts at the Sliding Jail and The Club House. 

Rent a FLIR Thermal Image, Kinect SLS Camera or a Laser Motion Detector to take your tour to the next level.

Book in advance so you don’t miss out because tours will be booked quickly. This tour is not wheelchair accessible


  • Includes – 2-hours Mobile ticket 
  • EMF Readers & Spirit Boxes
  • Offered in – English 
  • Maximum no of people – 12

My favourite among the best Jerome Ghost Tours is Pandora’s Box Ghost Adventure, a fun 2-hour tour packed with tales of true crime with paranormal stories.

Local experts will take you through Jerome’s haunted sites, including Haskin’s House, Old Jerome High School Auditorium, the Sliding Jail, the Jerome Cemetery and Old Jerome High School.

Jerome az things to do

With EMF readers for everyone and spirit boxes you receive on tour, you will spend loads of time at each site to get the most ghost interaction with the spirits possible.

Find out more details here Pandora’s Box Ghost Adventure

Add Ons include SLS Camera, Thermal Image Reader, Laser Grid and EMF Cubes. 

Cut-off times are based on the experience’s local time. 


  • Includes – 1-hour Mobile ticket 
  • EMF Readers & Spirit Boxes
  • Pickup Available
  • Offered in – English 
  • Maximum no of people – 12

One of the best ghost tours in Jerome is the Spirits and Wine Shuttle Ghost Hunting Tour, an ideal combination of history and ghost tour.

If you want to take a family-friendly ghost tour in Jerome, this is the tour for you as the tour includes door-to-door pickup from your hotel.

The tour takes you on a stroll through Jerome’s historic buildings, which include some abandoned sites that were once a mining town turned ghost town.

jerome ghost tours prices

In this guide to walk through the ruins of the once booming mining town, you can use speciality ghost hunting equipment, including E.M.F. meters, to sense when spirits are near. 

Be awed by the gory tales of murder and accounts of re-occurring paranormal activity.

Provide your exact pickup location and any specific instructions or details when booking your ticket online.

Please be ready and waiting at your designated pickup location at least 15 minutes before your scheduled pickup time.

For more details, head here.


  • Includes – 4-hours Mobile ticket 
  • EMF Readers & Spirit Boxes
  • Pickup Available
  • Offered in – English 
  • Maximum no of people – 8

One of the best private Jerome Ghost tours is the Haunted History Shuttle Ghost Tour of Jerome

If you are ready to spend half a day in the comfort of an air-conditioned van(perfect if you are with kids) without other groups, this is the one for you.

This is a fascinating tour that lasts for about 4 hours, a fantastic experience that gives you glimpses of the history of Jerome and the haunted locations.

As the local experts narrate the dark stories of the town, you will stop at four historical mining sites, including one with an extensive collection of mining artefacts.

Some sites you will visit include the Tuzigoot National Monument, Clarkdale’s Copper Museum, and the Douglas Mansion State Park. Book here


  • Includes – 4-hours Mobile ticket 
  • EMF Readers & Spirit Boxes
  • Pickup Available(from Sedona)
  • Offered in – English 
  • Maximum no of people – 8

If you are planning to do a day trip from Sedona to Jerome or a weekend getaway, one of the best private Jerome ghost tours ideal for adding to your itinerary is this Arizona Ghost Adventure tour.

The tour is just you and your guide as they take you to the best-haunted sites in Jerome, including abandoned mines and former neighbourhoods.

On the tour, you will also explore the famous Tuzigoot National Monument, Douglas Mansion and the Arizona Copper Art Museum.

Check more details of Private Ghost Adventure Jerome, Az, here.


  • Includes – 1-hour Mobile ticket 
  • EMF Readers & Spirit Boxes
  • Offered in – English 
  • Maximum no of people – 12

If you are in Cottonwood, you can plan this short tour, Cemetery Ghost Adventure to explore the haunted history of Jerome.

Go back on a 1-hour historical walking tour of Jerome as you go around the old mining town. 

Jerome az things to do

Hear stories about miners, gamblers, and cowboys of the old west. Stop by the town’s first radio station and pass by secret passageways. 

Follow your guide, and learn about past miners and bad boys of the old West.

Only kids 10 years of age or older are allowed on this tour.

Listen to stories of Jerome’s Red Light district, open until 1918. The tour ends on North Clark Street. 

You can use the rest of your day to check out other splendid attractions in Jerome. Find available timings and reviews here.


Top recommendations for families and couples:

Connor Hotel is one of my favourites I recommend for couples and families. Featuring a bar on site, this historic inn is 20 minutes’ walk from Jerome State Historic Park.

All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen cable TV with satellite channels. Free WiFi is available. Check prices here.

The Clinkscale – Another historic hotel favoured by couples, within 40 km of Cliff Castle Casino, The Clinkscale has a bar, non-smoking rooms, and free WiFi.

At the hotel, you will find a restaurant serving American cuisine. Vegetarian, dairy-free and vegan options can also be requested. Check reviews and photos.

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