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Founder, Chief Editor, & A Dreamer 😉


Welcome to my blog Wander In Arizona! I am so glad that you’re here😊

I am Veronica Samuels. I am a travel content creator from San Francisco, born and raised there.

I have been a solo traveler for over ten years and have traveled to more than 50 countries. 

In these years, I have based myself briefly in many parts of Asia and Europe for a few years.

I first took a series of trips to Arizona to explore the states in the USA. 

Every trip fascinated me more and more, beckoning me to explore further.

I checked out corners of these rugged deserted landscapes, visited Phoenix and Tucson, spent Christmas holidays in Arizona cities, wandered through the smaller towns in Arizona, hiked in the national parks and watched some of the most fascinating sunsets in Arizona.

One of those trips to Sedona finally made me commit to this state! 

As I experienced the mystic powers of the vortexes, bringing in waves of peace and joy that I had never experienced before, I was in happy tears and decided to live here.

That was eight years ago! I moved to Arizona eight years ago and call Sedona my home now.🤩

Although I own a home in San Francisco, I hop between these two homes and spend my non-travelling time creating exciting Arizona travel content and Arizona travel guides on this blog.

I have a background in travel content writing, having worked as an editor for various companies for about ten years. 

I currently don the hat of the founder, chief editor, and sometimes a photographer for the Wander In Arizona travel blog(this site :))!

I started Wander In Arizona travel blog to help travelers like you visit Arizona, since I have the expertise of living in Arizona and traveling extensively here.

Whether you want to explore Arizona on road trips, go hiking, camp under the stars, get glimpses of the historic national monuments, see the wonders of the magnificent parks and more, you will find helpful information here.

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Wander In Arizona is a comprehensive resource for hiking, camping, and exploring Arizona. 

From city guides to itineraries and the best of the Copper State, you will find valuable and practical advice created to help you plan your adventures in Arizona.

Whether you need help with an itinerary, want to work with me, or just say hello, you can connect with me at

If you are a brand wanting to work with me, head here to see more about my work to collaborate.

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