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There are many fantastic things to do in Jerome AZ, making it one of the most popular places in the Grand Canyon state.

This central Arizona town has a long and rich past, from being a former mining town to attracting thousands of visitors every year today.

Jerome is one of the most haunted places in Arizona, and is among the ghost towns, and also exudes the charm of the Old Wild West.

Located at over 5000 feet, Jerome is one of the popular getaways for families looking for fun outdoors on the weekends.

I have visited Jerome on a scenic drive from Sedona, and on multiple day trips from Tucson and Phoenix, but recently I spent a weekend in Jerome as this mystic town beckons me with something new every time.

I highly recommend spending at least 2 days in Jerome if not more, especially as it is one of the best family-friendly destinations in Arizona.

Jerome is much more than its abundant mining history, architecture, and museums. 

This cliff-top mining town offers splendid views of the valley comprising green scrub, cacti, and pines.

There are many fantastic activities and tours you can enjoy with your kids, besides escaping the heat of Phoenix or Sedona if you are here around summer.

Whether it is a quick stop on your road trip along Route 66 in Arizona, or you are looking to dive deep into this charming town’s past via a weekend trip to Jerome, in this post, I bring to you the best things to do in Jerome AZ, with something in store for every type of traveler.


Located high on Mingus Mountain, Jerome was once a bustling Wild West mining town in the Verde Valley highlands.

The town’s history goes back to the late 1800s when the first miners dug for the rich ore deposits.

But before Jerome was born, it was the site of a small mine where the local Yavapai tribe mined copper for their jewellery.

what is there to do in Jerome Arizona

These first miners, the local Yavapai tribe, were prehistoric Native Americans. The Spanish followed in search of gold.

In 1876, three prospectors staked claims to rich copper deposits.

Located atop Cleopatra Hill between Sedona and Prescott, this historic copper and gold mining town was founded in 1876 on top of the largest copper mine in the United States.

The town was named after Eugene Jerome, a New York lawyer who financed the United Verde Copper Company.

However, Eugene Jerome never even set foot in Jerome.

When gold was discovered in the area people from all over the world began flocking here.

From the 1880s to the early 1950s, Jerome prospered.

The United Verde Company, run by William Clark, launched mining operations in 1883. Its open pit mine was nicknamed the “Big Hole.”

The town grew from 250 residents in 1890 to over 15,000 in the 1920s.

It attracted miners, bootleggers, saloon keepers, gamblers, and prostitutes.

To keep their employees entertained, the mining companies built over two dozens saloons, restaurants, more than 15 brothels and even an opera house, beside a post office, schools, and other administrative buildings.

It is believed that at one time there were 14 Chinese restaurants in town.

Jerome produced billions of dollars in copper, gold, zinc and silver. In its zenith, Jerome was the fourth-largest town in Arizona.

The growth also brought the infamous gamblers and bad boys to Jerome, with hundreds dying in gunfights, stabbed, strangled, beaten to death, overdosed on opium, or committing suicide.

The town was also filled with so much corruption and death it became known as the “wickedest city in the West.”, first reported so by a New York newspaper, with the name still being its tagline.

In 1953 when gold and copper deposits vanished and the last mine shut down, only about 50 people stayed behind.

Jerome’s fortunes were reversed and on the verge of becoming a ghost town.

Luckily, during the 60s and 70s, some artists discovered Jerome and began moving in.

Artists renovated homes and re-opened abandoned shops, and created the Jerome Historical Society to protect the town’s buildings.

In 1967, Jerome became a designated U.S. National Historic District.

Jerome is today one of the classic Western frontier towns in Arizona.

Jerome is also believed to be the largest ghost town in the country.

Today the town’s population is about 500 residents, where an eclectic mix of artists, craftspersons, inn-keepers, restaurant owners, writers and musicians have made Jerome their home.

Victorian properties from the late 1890s still stand today and are occupied by their owners.

You can see many art galleries, artisan shops, boutiques, and restaurants.


Jerome is between Prescott and Sedona and within very close driving distance of Clarkdale and Cottonwood, Arizona.

From Sedona – Jerome is less than 28 miles southwest of Sedona AZ. Take State Route 89A to Cottonwood, then through Clarkdale into Jerome.

It is one of the most beautiful drives from Sedona and I highly recommend it.

From Phoenix and Scottsdale – It takes about 2 to 2.5 hours to drive from both Phoenix and Scottsdale. 

Take Interstate 17 Freeway north and exit State Route 260 at Camp Verde. Go left (northwest) on 260 into Cottonwood and then left on 89A through Clarkdale into Jerome AZ.

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Jerome is one of the popular day trip destinations for people visiting Flagstaff and Phoenix since it can be visited throughout the year.

Spring and Fall are the most crowded months since they are the best months to visit Jerome AZ as the weather is pleasant and perfect for being outdoors.


Here are some of the best tours I recommend to explore Jerome conveniently:

Historic Tour of Jerome from Sedona(Likely to sell out)(4.9/5 50+ reviews🤩) – Enjoy fantastic mining history, charming architecture, and desert scenery on an intimate small group tour running for 4.5 hours. Find more details here.

Jerome History Walk (5/5 50+ reviews🤩)- If you are in the city, I highly recommend this top 1-hour tour that gives you the best highlights of the city. Check out more details here.

Wild Wild West Tour of Jerome (4.9/5 50+ reviews🤩) – This 1.5-hours Wild Wild West Tour of Jerome takes you to historical spots. Check out more details here.

Jerome Tour from Sedona (4.9/5 10+ reviews🤩) – Learn about Jerome’s history, and see the sights, explore, and have lunch. On the way, you’ll stop at the ruins of Tuzigoot National Monument, an ancient Sinagua pueblo. Check out more details here of this 5-hours tour.

Pandora’s Box Ghost Adventure(4.7/5 60+ reviews🤩) – Increase your chances of experiencing paranormal activity during a ‘Pandora’s Box’ ghost tour that focuses on stories of murder, lust, and revenge on this 2-hours tour. Check out more details here.



As you arrive in the town, one of the top things to do in Jerome Az is to stop by the visitor centre.

Continue going up Cleopatra Hill to reach the Visitor’s Center on Hull Avenue.

Get the details of the attractions here, grab physical maps, inquire about guided tours if there are any, and get familiar with a brief history of Jerome. 

The visitor centre is the best place to begin your Jerome trip.


Jerome Historic District is one of the top things to do in Jerome Az. 

Walking up and down the town’s steep hills is an excellent way to admire the stunning views and get introduced to the town’s history and its distinct vibes of the Old Wild West. 

If you are traveling with children or want to hear the tales of the streets and its buildings from a local expert, I highly recommend taking this 1-hour tour – the Historic Tour of Jerome, a hassle-free and fantastic way to explore the city.

If you want to state in the heart of the town in the historic district, check out The Clinkscale, a mining-era hotel, restaurant, and bar.

Known for its incredible atmosphere, this 1880s well-maintained heritage hotel is within walking distance of most shops and tour meeting places.


Jerome Historic State Park is a short drive from downtown Jerome. 

It is one of the top things to do in Jerome Az as the museum is the perfect starting point for discovering the rich and complex history of the once-booming mining town.

Jerome State Historic Park is a historic mansion and estate located inside the old Douglas Mansion built in 1916 beside the Little Daisy Mine that has been converted into a museum in Jerome, Arizona in 1965.

The mansion was constructed in 1916 by the influential and wealthy Douglas family, which owned the town’s copper and other mines in the northeast region of the Black Hills.

This beautiful, historic, and impressive mansion sits high on a hill overlooking Jerome.

Enjoy the beautiful views of the Verde Valley from the grounds and the bird views of the remains of the mines from the Mansion viewpoint.

The mansion is worth touring, which is luxurious decorated and spacious, especially the restored period room, the Douglas Library.

Other rooms contain exhibits of photographs, artefacts, 3-D models of the town and its mines, and information about the Douglas family and the history of the town of Jerome.

Opening hours – 10 AM to 4 PM every day

Entry fees – USD 7


One of the best attractions in Jerome Az is the Cleopatra Hill Lookout.

A short hike will take you atop Cleopatra Hill upon which Jerome sits overlooking the fantastic Verde Valley. 

The lookout point is right next to Jerome State Park so check this out before heading over to the other side.


One of the fun things to do in Jerome AZ is spending overnight at the heritage hotels in the town.

Jerome Grand Hotel

Opened in 1927 as United Verde Hospital, Jerome Grand Hotel is the largest hotel in town and one of the prominent landmarks.

A highly-functioning hospital until it closed in 1950, the building stood empty for over four decades.

It reopened as the Jerome Grand Hotel in 1996. 

The 30,000-square-foot, five-story, 1926 Spanish Mission-style building atop Cleopatra Hill in the Verde Valley is one of the most haunted places in the town as well with many apparition sightings luring ghost hunters to this hotel.

Admire the sweeping views of Jerome from this hotel and check out the antique furnishings and the original 1926 Otis elevator. 

The hotel also houses the famous Asylum Restaurant, one of the best fine-dining places in the town.

Whether you will witness sightings or not, I highly recommend this stay for families, as Jerome Grand Hotel boasts all sorts of room configurations, including 1- and 2-bedroom suites and connecting rooms.

The Connor Hotel

Connor Hotel located right on Main Street in downtown Jerome, near the Mine Museum is one of the best heritage hotels in Jerome worth checking out. 

Conveniently located close to most restaurants and shops, there are many excellent reasons to stay in the Connor Hotel besides its fantastic location.

The hotel was initially built in 1898. The current building was built after the hotel was burnt for the second time.

This brick hotel operated until the 1930s before being restored to its glory and reopened to visitors.

The Connor Hotel comprises 12 rooms known for their early 20th-century rustic decor and is rumoured to be haunted by The Lady in Red. 

Connor Hotel is home to the Spirit Room, one of the oldest bars in Arizona operating since its opening in 1898.

This historic bar offers live music four nights a week and is a fun place to unwind after sightseeing.

Check reviews and prices here to book your stay.

The Clinkscale 

The Clinkscale was built in 1899 and beautifully restored into a hotel, bar, and grill.

Also home to one of the famous heritage restaurants, The Clinkscale boasts luxurious rooms with antique decor ideal for families.


Located in the historic building which once housed a notorious lunatic asylum, the Asylum Restaurant is one of the best things to do in Jerome AZ.

The restaurant remains true to its name in the ambience even today as you notice that a slightly ghostly theme continues throughout the décor.

day trip to Jerome az

The restaurant serves a contemporary menu and a great bar serving delicious craft cocktails and wines.

Located in the historic Jerome Grand Hotel, you will be treated to stunning views in their outdoor dining area as you taste delicious cuisines.


One of the top things to do in Jerome AZ to get to know the town’s history is the Jerome Historical Society Mine Museum, a non-profit museum and gift shop.

Housed in one of the former saloons in town, the Mine Museum is located at the corner of Main Street and Jerome Avenue, just across from Connor Hotel.

The museum, which is operated by the Jerome Historical Society, is the best place to begin your Jerome trip to get glimpses of the past of Jerome.

You will see exhibits, artefacts, photographs and hundreds of exquisite collections from the beginning of the town’s establishment to the present-day town.

Jerome az ghost town

Check out the remains of gambling games in old saloons, and vintage miner’s equipment, including hand-forged miners’ candlesticks, carbide lamps, cages, drills, ore carts and household goods.

Their extensive photo galleries comprise pictures of smelters and miners, and collections of newspapers, tokens, dishes, and milk bottles. 

Take home some souvenirs at the Mine Museum Gift Shop.

Opening hours – 9 AM to 5 PM

Entry fees – $2


One of the best things to do in Jerome AZ is visiting  Audrey Headframe Park, a non-profit museum that features historic mining equipment located next to Jerome State Historic Park.

A headframe is the hulking structure positioned above a mine shaft used to support the pulleys and other equipment needed for the cables to raise and lower elevators or ore cars. 

what is there to do in Jerome az

After a large copper deposit was discovered, the Audrey shaft was built to extract large amounts of high-grade ore.

Constructed in 1918, you’ll see historic mining equipment and a 1,700-foot mining shaft. 

The Audrey headframe and shaft were considered state-of-the-art technology for mining equipment. 

The shaft consists of three independent and concrete-lined segments that have horizontal hubs at depths between 800 and 1700 feet. 

Jerome az attractions

Walk on the glass above a 1,900-foot mining shaft and peer down imagining miners riding one of these about 2,000 feet below ground daily for work.

Also check out ore cars, timber cars, and drills. Get inside a large cave used to lift and lower miners down the shafts.

Opening hours – 8 AM to 5 PM 


If you are an art enthusiast wondering what to do in Jerome Arizona, head to the charming Raku Gallery.

Formerly The New York Café ruin in Jerome, the building was transformed into Raku Gallery opening its doors to the public for the first time in 1988.

The gallery, one of the best things to do in Jerome AZ, gets its name from the Zen word “raku,” which means ease, and happiness.

things to do in Jerome az

Browse fabulous artwork from over 200 artists across the Southwest in a cosy building built in Southwestern architecture, with wrought iron balconies and cactuses adorning the front.

You will find eclectic collections of crafts and fine arts that include furniture, sculptures, jewellery, blown glass, ceramics, and paintings in this 2,200-square-foot gallery.

Shop for beautiful jewellery, gifts, and furniture as souvenirs at the store on the premises.


Among the best places to visit in Jerome is the historic Bartlett Hotel was built in 1901, replacing a wooden structure called the Grandview Hotel.

The Grandview Hotel was built in 1895. This high-society club and dancehall was destroyed in a massive city fire in 1898.

The original building housed Jerome’s newspaper, a bank, and a drugstore.

things to do in Jerome

Known for its exquisite, lavish Victorian-style architecture with each room a different colour, the hotel was abandoned in the 1940s when the landslides began, and the Bartlett became unstable.

Today, see the skeleton of the once-mighty Bartlett Hotel on tour, exploring the hallowed grounds of the abandoned hotel, which feels a little ghostly, spooky, or perhaps even haunted.


Liberty Theatre is one of the historic landmarks and among the fun things to do in Jerome AZ.

Liberty Theatre originally opened in 1918 and was around until 1930.

After being an antique shop for many years, a section of the building was renovated into Liberty Theatre, one of the top entertainment arenas in Jerome.

The theatre periodically shows films on the balcony level, while the main auditorium remains a gift and antique shop.


One of the heritage buildings in Jerome, Chief Surgeon’s House, constructed in 1917 is one of the top places to visit.

As the name indicates, Chief Surgeon’s House was established as the primary residence for the Chief Surgeon in Jerome, Arizona.

Now, listed on the National Historic Registry since the year of 1966, the beautiful white stucco mansion is a charming bed and breakfast. 

things to do in Jerome Arizona

I highly recommend staying overnight here, choosing from their lavish guest suites with wood or Mexican Saltillo-tile floors, king beds, and eclectic furniture pieces. 

The Chief Surgeons house offers splendid views of Jerome and beyond, including the mystical Red Rock cliffs of Sedona, thanks to its fantastic location atop a mountain.



One of my favourite things to do in Jerome AZ is the haunted tour that takes you on an epic journey where you will hear bone-chilling stories and experience the eerie side of the ghost town.

There are many themed private and group ghost tours you can choose from, combining history and horror, including the Original Ghost Adventure, Spirit Walk, and Jerome Haunted History Shuttle Tour. 

These walking tours take place after dark in haunted outdoor locations. 

Jerome az things to do

You’ll visit the sites of unsolved murders, the scene of gambling, murder, prostitution, fatal accidents, and present-day ghost sightings. 

You will be equipped with flashlights and even electromagnetic field monitors, so you can even spot paranormal activity!

Hear the tales of the famous ghosts in the town, from a caretaker that committed suicide in the boiler room, a maintenance man crushed by the elevator in 1935, to Headless Charlie, who lost his head in a mining accident. 

Here are my top recommendations for the ghost tours:


Among the top things to do in Jerome Az is the Sliding Jail.

In 1905, the Jerome Sliding Jail was built into a hill, and its inmates included gamblers, drunks, claim jumpers, prostitutes, and gunfighters. 

In the 1930s, extreme and constant excavation during the mining boom caused extensive landslides. 

This building began slowing downhill in 1938, following a mine blast. 

attractions in Jerome az

The jail slid slowly stopping at various locations until it finally stopped on its current spot, about 225 feet from where it started, along the main street of Jerome beside a parking lot. 

A reminder of an Old Hollywood Western, the prison is one of the best and free things to see in Jerome.

The historic jail and stone rubble are now surrounded by an old iron fence and stabilized by retaining walls and can’t be entered.


One of the top things to do in Jerome Az is explore Gold King Mine Museum and Ghost Town. Located in the heart of town next to the Fire Station, you’ll find this historic ghost town.

They mined copper here from 1890 to 1914, with over 300 miners toiling throughout the year.

Developed by Don Robertson over the course of 30 years, you will find antiquated buildings and many well-preserved exhibits.

what to do in Jerome Arizona

The mine shaft goes down 1270 ft. You can do gold or gem panning, watch knife making, or observe mining equipment demonstrations.

Check out an unused mine shaft, old machinery including mining equipment, a sawmill, cars, antique trucks, a 1901 blacksmith shop, and many other antiques.

If you are with kids, head to the petting zoo, the open-air museum home to chickens, goats, rabbits, and donkeys.  

Opening hours – 9 AM to 5 PM


If you are a wine lover, I highly recommend stopping by Caduceus Cellars, one of the fun things to do in Jerome, AZ.

The Original Jerome Winery, established in 2001, offers the only tasting flight of ports in the Arizona region and is located in the rolling Jerome hills.

This family-operated and owned small production winery with a tasting room location produces some of the finest wines in Arizona using Rhone, Italian, and Spanish varieties. 

Jerome az attractions

Adorned with hardwood floors, brick walls, contemporary artwork, souvenirs, and an electronic photo album that shows the vineyard’s varying stages of growth, it is a fantastic place to unwind on your Jerome trip.

Sip on a Crisp Rose, Tarzan Red, Jane Pink, Chupacabra Rosa or a Fruity Red while you enjoy the endless views from the tasting room, which is finely decorated.


No matter where you go, dining at the best places to eat is a must-do. 

There are many fantastic restaurants in Jerome you can choose from, depending on what you fancy.

Haunted Hamburger is a fun and good place to grab a bite. Rumoured to be haunted(hence the name), you can listen to the bizarre incidents that happened here.

One of the fun things to do in Jerome AZ, this outlet has plenty of outdoor seating where you can taste delicious burgers and hot dogs enjoying stunning views. of Verde Valley. 

Grapes Restaurant & Bar was originally a Pony Express Station in the early 1900s.

Located along Main Street in the heart of historic Jerome, the restaurant features a rustic bar, comfortable leather booths, and a cosy patio. 

things to do in Jerome az for free

Enjoy the stunning views of the distant San Francisco Peaks and Verde Valley as you indulge in delicious and healthy Mediterranean-style foods topped with one from the plentiful selection of local wines.

If you are fond of BBs, head straight to Bobby D’s, one of the oldest restaurants in Jerome established in 1899 by Chinese American immigrant, Charley Hong.

Although an English Kitchen, it served the best Chinese food in Jerome to miners.

The original restaurant closed in 2007, but the painted signs remain. 

Now, you can taste tasty smoking ribs, sausage, chicken, brisket, and pork on their patio.

things to do near Williams az

The interior features red-painted walls, hardwood floors, a dining bar with fixed bar stools, a handful of vintage leather booths, coffered ceilings, and chalkboard menus. 

Craving for Mexican food in Jerome? Head to Vaqueros Grill & Cantina, the only Mexican restaurant in Jerome. 

You will be treated to traditional dishes like tamales, enchiladas, and tacos amidst their quirkily decorated interiors.


Want to visit the world’s most extensive collection of kaleidoscopes? One of the fun things to do in Jerome AZ, head to Nellie Bly Kaleidoscopes, a unique art gallery in the town, especially if you are with kids.

Nellie Bly Kaleidoscopes, open to visitors since 1988, features handcrafted kaleidoscopes from over 90 artists ranging from elaborate to simple. 

things to see in Jerome az

You can touch, look through, and play with as many beautiful kaleidoscopes

They also have a large selection of hand-made marble and dichroic jewellery, made from wood, metal, and glass.

You can even buy a kaleidoscope necklace.


Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery is a unique art gallery maintained, and managed by artist members in Jerome, Arizona. 

Operating for over 10 years, it is one of the top attractions in Jerome for art lovers.

You can attend one of their galas, workshops, and social events during peak months.

small towns in Arizona

Check out the exhibits of dozens of artworks by local artists including beautiful oil paintings, jewellery, wood-turned vases and bowls, colourful pottery, blown glass, photographs, portraits, and African masks.


Laura Williams Park, a favourite local park and hangout spot among the residents is one of the fun attractions in Jerome to check out with your kids.

With a vast playground and plenty of grassy space, you and your kids will relax amidst the greenery. 

During Christmas, this park turns into a magical place with all the display lights and plenty of holiday activities and special events.


One of the fun Jerome things to do with kids is stop at La Victoria Glass Blowing Studio, where you can watch and enjoy glass blowing.

You can buy any of their beautiful hand-made souvenirs to take home, or better, custom-make them yourself after picking up this new skill.


One of the unusual things to do in Jerome AZ is visiting the House of Joy Brothel, constructed in 1898.

The House of Joy has changed over the years, from a brothel to a restaurant, and a souvenir shop.

Currently an art studio, The House of Joy Art Gallery, make a quick stop at this historic building that features fantastic artworks of mostly Arizona artists.

Jerome az things to do


If you are traveling on the first Saturday of the month, one of the must-visit attractions in Jerome is the art walk.

Jerome’s First Saturday Art & Wine Walk takes place every evening from 5 to 8 PM. You can explore the art galleries on your own with an art walk map, or take a shuttle. 

It is one of the best events to meet local artists and indulge in the excellent works of talented artists, enjoying live music and snacks.



Tuzigoot National Monument is one of Arizona’s national monuments that does not get the attention it should. 

Located in north-central Arizona 40 miles southwest of Flagstaff, most people miss going from Flagstaff to Tuzigoot National Monument.

Stop at this beautiful monument if you plan to travel to Clarkdale and Cottonwood towns.

things to do in Jerome

The park is open year-round and is known for the thousand-year-old ruins of a pueblo built by the Sinagua people, which housed over five hundred people across its 110 rooms.

Archaeologists believe the structure was built about 1000 AD and gives glimpses of the Sinagua peoples, including their culture that flourished in the Verde Valley nearly 1,000 years ago. 

Unlike the other national monuments in Arizona, primarily cliff-dwelling sites belonging to the other Indigenous tribes, Tuzigoot National Monument is a hilltop dwelling site.

This rustic stone pueblo remains perched on a ridge overlooking the Verde River. 

The Visitor Center houses a museum displaying the artefacts excavated from the site, which gives insights into the lives of the


Located within the abundant Verde Valley, one of the top wine-producing regions in Arizona, Jerome boasts many wine cellars.

Join any wine-tasting tour as it is one of the fun things to do in Jerome AZ, most being family-friendly and suitable to take your kids.

Cellar 433 has a beautiful tasting room that spans two floors and has sweeping views of the valley below. 

hotels in jerome

Passion Cellars – The winery specializes in fruit-forward, complex and artistically blended red and white wines, bottled under the Salvatore name, after the winemaker’s grandfather, Salvatore Ligammari. 

If you want a wine tour with a twist, I highly recommend opting for these combo tours:


The Dead Horse Ranch State Park, about ten miles from Jerome is a unique historic site that has been continuously occupied since 8,000 BC. 

It is one of the best things to do in Jerome Az for outdoor lovers and families.

day trip to jerome

Kids can enjoy horseback riding, and wildlife watching, while you can enjoy fishing, biking and hiking around the Verde River lagoons.

Spot grey fox, coyote, javelina and many beautiful birds.

You can also stay overnight in one of the riverside log cabins in Dead Horse Ranch.


Check out the marvellous sculptures at the Jerome Bible Art Museum, One of the best things to do in Jerome Arizona.

The Jerome Bible Art Museum, free to enter, showcases handmade and painted red clay sculptures that depict events and scripture from the Christian Bible. 

There is also a full gallery of ceramic animals next to the museum.

Opening hours – 9 AM to 5 PM

what is there to do in jerome


Top recommendations for families and couples:

Connor Hotel is one of my favourites I recommend for couples and families. Featuring a bar on site, this historic inn is 20 minutes’ walk from Jerome State Historic Park.

All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen cable TV with satellite channels. Free WiFi is available. Check prices here.

The Clinkscale – Another historic hotel favoured by couples, within 40 km of Cliff Castle Casino, The Clinkscale has a bar, non-smoking rooms, and free WiFi.

At the hotel, you will find a restaurant serving American cuisine. Vegetarian, dairy-free and vegan options can also be requested. Check reviews and photos to book here.


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