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Looking for places to enjoy sledding in Flagstaff? Flagstaff is the perfect white winter wonderland, and if you are looking for something less adventurous than cross-country skiing, especially if you are traveling with children, sledding is one of the fun things to do.

Whether you are spending the Christmas here or looking for places for enjoying Flagstaff sledding this year, check this guide to plan your holiday.

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Walker Lake Sledding Area (also known as Kendrick Watchable Wildlife Area), is a 2000-acre land owned and kept by the US Forest Service.

It is one of the vast spaces for enjoying sledding in Flagstaff for free.

Unlike other places, Walker Lake Sledding Area is an offbeat getaway thanks to its secluded location amidst stunning, rugged landscapes.

You must do a short hike(for a mile) to get to the hills from the parking lot.

Flagstaff Az

Alternatively, if the snow conditions are right and you are up for an adventure, you can even snowshoe or cross-country ski to arrive at the hills!

If you are not up to it, you can enjoy playing in the snow, making snowmen and snow angels in the parking area.

There are restrooms, but note that sled rentals are not available, so carry your sleds with you.

Walker Lake Sledding Area is about 45 minutes north of Flagstaff off Highway 180.


One of the city parks in Flagstaff that is a fantastic destination for sledding in Flagstaff is Buffalo Park.

It is a favourite winter pass time among locals and tourists thanks to spacious grounds and many sledding hills, but despite being famous, it is less crowded due to its remote location.

From snowball fights to snow angels and creating snowmen, you’ll have a blast with your family here for sure.

It’s a wide-open park with hiking trails and plenty of space. The hills are a bit smaller, so great for the younger kids. 

Spread across hundreds of acres, Buffalo Park is among the largest areas for sledding and snow play.

There are also many hiking trails where you can have slices of the grounds for yourself, and also bring your pets!

There are permanent restrooms and a picnic ramada.


If you want more than the experience of sledding in Flagstaff, Thorpe Park near Flagstaff is one of the best places to visit with your kids.

The gently-sloped hills with vast open spaces make the perfect sledding runs for traveling with young children.

It is free to use the park, and besides sledding, kids can have fun in the playground.

sledding in Flagstaff

There is also a dog park within the Thorpe Park area, so the pups can run around and play in the snow as long as they are kept on a leash.

You can enjoy basketball, sand volleyball and racquetball courts, lighted tennis courts, ball fields, and play a round of tee at northern Arizona’s premier disc golf course.

There is a picnic ramada and restrooms.


Foxglenn Park is located right in the heart of Flagstaff and is one of the preferred places loved by families when the winter season begins. 

There are a few big hills for adults and experts while little children and beginners can have fun sledding in the smaller hills.

Make snowmen and angels, enjoy a snowball fight, and have a fun time in the snow with your family.

sledding in Flagstaff

Besides sledding, enjoy baseball, hike in the nearby trails, and enjoy a picnic while your kids play on the grounds.

This park is even dog-friendly. Amenities include permanent restrooms and covered picnic tables.


If you are looking for sledding in Flagstaff, another great addition is Lone Tree Sledding Area, located south of Northern Arizona University of S Lake Mary Rd.

You can have fun sledding in the hills for free, and despite being close to the University, the area is surprisingly a hidden gem.

Note that the incline may not be suitable for young children.

There are no restroom facilities or food options, but you can find them within walking distance.

Maintained by the Forest Service, the Lone Tree sledding area may sometimes get closed due to broken sleds and trash. 


One of the most popular spots for tubing and sledding in Flagstaff area is Crowley Pit.

It is often crowded during holidays as it is one of the best areas near Flagstaff to sled.

The only way to find some space is to get here early, especially if you plan a trip here on the weekends.

You can have fun sledding in the hills for free. Since it is operated by the Forest Rangers, it is best to carry your sled, as rentals can be difficult to arrange during the rush season.

Also, be sure to bring a good sled as plastic sleds are often destroyed by the snow and litter the slopes. 

There are a few bigger hills ideal for experienced people while the smaller ones are good for tackling by the kids.


Crowley Pit is about 25-minute drive northeast of Flagstaff, off Highway 180.

If the road conditions are ideal, you will be treated to stunning landscapes on the way comprising alpine forests sprinkled with snow everywhere.

Carry enough water, food, and chairs for your picnic as there are no amenities.


If you are looking for secluded getaways for sledding in Flagstaff, one of my favourite recommendations is Mormon Lake Lodge.

Not only is the accommodation and location stunning, but it is also the best place for upping your sledding adventure. 

There are plenty of areas near the Lodge and surrounding areas with many hills ideal for both experts and beginners.

Besides sledding, Mormon Lake Lodge is a hotspot for snowshoeing and snowmobile tours.

I highly recommend spending a night or two at one of the cabins at Mormon Lake Lodge, to admire the stunning landscapes surrounded by pine and aspen trees.

The lodge serves delicious food at its steakhouse. Plus, head to their country store for snacks and hot chocolate between your sports.

The Mormon Lake Lodge offers rentals of skis, boots, poles, and snowshoes, so you can skip bringing yours if you wish.

Day passes cost $8 per person and $25 for a group of four people or more. 

Snowmobiling costs $60 to $70 per hour. Check their latest rates on the official website.

Opening hours: 9 AM to 4 PM


Mormon Lake Lodge is about 40 minutes southeast of Flagstaff located off of S Lake Mary Rd.


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